Returning normalcy and sanity in Contra Costa County

Almost 340 people have signed the petition in 4 days, thank you everyone! 

Today we picked up 80+ signatures alone after posting on Next Door, (plus a whole bunch of inspiring emails), before the account was locked out until Dec. 20th.

If anyone else has a Next Door account, it would be much appreciated if you could repost the flyer.

One warning though, you will get negative comments, but the people who sign will vastly outnumber those who whine, and you can just ignore them. 

Not everyone wants to be vocal, but we can’t just site back and wait for things to change. New year, new approach. 

Also consider visiting and clicking the “subscribe” button, so that we can contact you by email in case anything happens to this petition campaign. 

Stranger things have happened. 

One final note, you can also email the county board of supervisors directly from our website, which many people have already done. 

Let’s flood their inboxes!