Join The Movement To

restore Normalcy & Sanity in Contra Costa County

End the state of emergency and cancel all local mandates! STAND UP AND SAY NO MORE!

It's Time To End the state of emergency, cancel mandates, and stop requiring businesses to police their customers.

We are a group of businesses owners and community members who are done with allowing Contra Costa Health Services and the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors to micro-manage our lives and businesses. 

The time to stop complying is now, and by joining our movement, you can help put Contra Costa back on track.

how You Can Help

  • Sign Our PetitionSign our petition and share it with others, in person and online. 
  • Email County Supervisors – Use our form to easily email the County Board of Supervisors, and tell them to end the state of emergency NOW, and cancel all local mandates. 
  • Don’t Comply – Take off your mask and show the world your beautiful smile. Peaceful non-compliance wins every time.
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