For the last 2 years, there has been very little opposition to lockdowns, shutdowns, mandates and government intrusion. The longer it has gone on, the more illogical, ever-changing mandates have been passed.

While it may have been about the virus when it started out, the local response has evolved into something else entirely, and the time to end the state of emergency that allows this all to take place, is now. 

Our goal is to bring people together, and build something to resist the never ending stream of bad and divisive ideas from local county government. 

Many people, parents, and business owners realize the problems, but feel powerless to do something about it. No longer can we remain silent or on the sidelines for the battle to restore normalcy and sanity to our families lives. The time is now, the place is here. 

Regardless of whether or not the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors and Contra Costa County Health Services listen to us, they will hear us.

You can email them directly via the “Email The Board” link

The petition is signed by individuals, not businesses. Many of these individuals own businesses, and are tired of the counties never ending stream of shutdowns, mandates, fines, threats, and compliance requirements. Even if we had a list, we wouldn’t give it to you.

By all objective measures the state of emergency that gave state and county governments a blank check, is over. 

After 600+ days of “2 weeks to slow the spread,” vaccines, boosters, therapeutics, and a good sense of what we face moving forward, the time to pivot back to normalcy is now.

Take a trip to Target or Walmart, or sit in traffic on our crumbling freeways, during rush hour or weekends. Talk to friends and family who have moved out of California. Everywhere but here, the pandemic is mostly over.

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  • Print the flyers on our resources page and distribute them anywhere you see fit
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  • Email info@contracostanow.com if you would like to volunteer or support in any way. This is a grass roots movement run entirely by volunteers.