500+ Signatures To Restore Normalcy in Contra Costa – More Work To Do!

Thank you to everyone that has shared our petition to restore normalcy and sanity in Contra Costa. 

It was fun seeing the signatures jump from 250 to 500 so quickly!

We just added a FAQ section to answer some of the common questions from those who might object to the petition (Seriously, objecting to a call for sanity?), or need a bit more information before they sign. 

The people who want to keep us locked down forever have had a 2 year head start in making that a reality. The coming cold and flu season is only going to increase the calls for more mandates, you can almost feel it happening in real time. 

Just this morning, the Mercury News Editorial Board (whoever that is) called on Bay Area Health Officers in Contra Costa specifically to “find their backbone” and bring back masks to gyms, work places, and other 100% vaccinated environments that currently have a carve out.

Can you imagine calling on Bay Area Health Supervisors to BRING BACK the same strategies that haven’t worked for 2 years, EVEN after there is a readily available vaccine, treatment options, and a curve so flat it is a straight line?

Do people really want to go back to masking at the gym? Most don’t, and those who do can, but the people who don’t even go to the gym think you should. 

If you are waiting for things to make sense, you are going to be waiting a long time. 

Instead of waiting for the insanity to subside, let’s rally together and fight for normalcy, or else we are going to be stuck here forever. 

Please share our site –

Link to the petition directly – https://www.change.org/restorecontracosta

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Thanks for signing and dealing with these occasional update emails. This is a zero budget citizen movement, and it’s the only way to get the word out to those who can get the word out.